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In 1996, Officer Guerrero received a new partner by the name of Rookie, a German Shepherd police dog.  Rookie was born in St. Robert MO.  Breeders Gene and Brigitte Gillette of Vom Sterntal Shepherds (Canine Behavioral Modification Services).  Officer Guerrero and K-9 Rookie had been patrolling the streets of Saginaw since 1996. In October of 1998, Puppet Production created a nationwide puppet after Rookie.  Officer Guerrero and Rookie, along with the puppet patrol, went into the community schools and promote an anti-tobacco, anti-gang, and anti-drug program to reach children from grades K-5, with a tough love message.
The United States of America suffered a devastating terrorists attack on September 11th, 2001.  Officer Guerrero and Rookie immediately volunteered to assist in the rescue effort, going to New York City and endearing 15 hour days searching for survivors.
K-9 Rookie as the result from the exposure at ground Zero, suffered a tumor in his mouth that would ultimately end his life and tour of duty in 2003.
We have an indescribable feeling of pride and honor to have been a part of Officer Guerrero's dedication to help others. 
March 26th, 2011 Officer Guerrero received another puppy from Vom Sterntal Shepherds named Lakota.  We are looking forward to seeing him grow into great dog and continue Rookie's work.
(Produced by Hidden Heritage-RFD TV)
This documentary is dedicated to all the dog handlers and dog's that go unnoticed in the communities. Special thanks to my family, friends, and to Paul and Kathy.  Also to my Brule Family who made this documentary possible. Joaquin Guerrero
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